Roulette Betting Options with the Highest Chance of Winning

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Roulette is one of several casino games that depend on bettors’ luck while playing. There are no certain strategies that should be used in order to win roulette betting game. However, you can use roulette betting options with the highest chance of winning to ensure your winning.

Roulette Betting Options with the Highest Chance of Winning

  • Starters: Black-Red or Odd-Even

Do you want to start the game without the fear of flunking? We got you covered – simply bet on ‘Black or Red’ or ‘Odd or Even’ bet option. These bets may look boring, but they are actually the safest option to rely on. Firstly, these two bets cover most spaces on the number squares. Second, everyone can freely put the smallest bet possible. It is such bargain, and with all factor, considered bettors can easily avoid most disadvantage. The payout is just as small as 1:1. However, the high winning rate made it perfect to raise fund at the beginning of the game.

Roulette Betting Options with the Highest Chance of Winning

Roulette Betting Options with the Highest Chance of Winning

  • Level Up: Dozens, Columns, and Lines

After piling up some starting money, it’s time to step up the game. The dozen and Line bets are perfect for this. While the area covered get significantly smaller compared to the first option, the area they hold is still wide enough to be safe. Of course, their payouts are way better as well. Since dozen and column bets covered 1/3 of the number squares, it only offers 2:1 in return. Meanwhile, line bets only cover six boxes of the number squares which grant them value as high as 5:1.

  • Payout Raise: Corners and Splits

After collecting more chips, then it will be possible to put on corners and splits. They only cover small place, so the chance to win by one or two of them alone is really thin. This is where your chip stash works. Try covering most of the number squares by putting rows of the corner and split bets. This way, victory can be secured and the payout will raise more. It’s even possible to do the corner or split bets with a dozen or column boxes in case there is a need to cut costs. Don’t worry about slowing down the profits, because corner bets have 8:1 payout while split bets have 17:1.

  • Ultimate: Combination Bets

After knowing the moves to get safe, now it is time to play with it. While it’s not wrong to profit with certain bets only, the game itself will get boring easily if played with such style. Spice it up by rotating combinations of bets. For example, simply layer a dozen bets and ‘Black or Red’. Even with small payouts, they are easy to win and profit to 3:1 by hitting both. Another example is to split between dozens or columns. It may seem stingy, but it really is such an economical way to get the most spaces.

Roulette betting option with the highest chance of winning will surely help you to win. Not only win once, but you can use the option to win continuously. Just play roulette game now and get your winning money immediately. Happy betting!