Playtech’s Most Played Online Slot Betting Games

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Whether you play in land-based casino or online casino, slot game is a popular casino game. Beside slot games offer simplicity and easiness, online casino provides exciting bonuses, promotions, and features which do not find in a land-based casino. However, you should consider the slot game provider. Some providers offer different games and of course different features. Below we provide the list of Playtech’s most played online slot betting games.

Playtech’s Most Played Online Slot Betting Games

Mega Ball Slot Game

This is one of slot games from Playtech which offer great features on the game. This game does not require great strategies. Luck takes a great role in this game. Mega Ball is a great slot game for those who are looking for a low-bet game. Bettors are able to place the bet from 0.16 euros to 55 euros. Interestingly, mega ball offers a great jackpot which is a certain time in a year.

Playtech’s Most Played Online Slot Betting Games

Playtech’s Most Played Online Slot Betting Games

On the average, you will gain 450.000 and uniquely it has a great chance to stretch to several million euros. Moreover, the Mega Ball is a progressive game that offers much money as the prize after you obtain a single draw ball. Placing the bet in a right money and waiting for the symbols in the machine is a great way to win this game.

Atlantis Queen

This popular slot game offer adventure of underwater as the main theme of the game. You will see the great underwater life experience with great majestic sea queen character. Atlantis queen uses five reels and 25 pay lines. Atlantis queen provides exciting and music, bonus features and 3D animation graphic which will please your eyes and spend much money on this game.

This game uses two main symbols, namely Poseidon and Atlantis Queen. The queen commonly appears on second and fourth reels. Of course, the bonus is activated as soon as the queen character emerges on those reels. Moreover, you will gain an interesting bonus if you find temple symbols. You gain 3x multiplier bonus when you hit 3 temple coins.

Gold Rally

This slot game offers exciting bonuses and features. The 3D graphics animation is one of the features which will please your eyes. Apart from great graphics features, the jackpot is another reason why bettors play the gold rally. Big jackpot is available for bettors in this game. The gold rally has eight line that will expand your chance to gain the jackpot. For your information, the jackpots start from 100.000 euros to 10 million euros.

So far, 6.3 million euros is the biggest jackpot numbers. It means you still have a chance to gain bigger jackpot and gold rally is waiting for the lucky bettor. The jackpot is available every 43 days. It means you are able to win 10 times in a year. 97.01 percent is the RTP of this game.

Online slot game will take the role of a land-based casino. Moreover, playing in popular and right slot game provider will increase your winning chance. Play these Playtech’s most played online slot betting games and get the money through it.