Play Different Casino Games Offered By Royal Casino

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Why should the gamblers play different casino games offered by the Royal casino? Many experienced players share that Royal casino is a game developer that offers a lot of bonuses. This bonus is not limited only to the certain game but is available on all games offered by the developers. That is why the gamblers love Royal casino. Read this post and play different casino games offered by Royal Casino.

Play Different Casino Games Offered By Royal Casino

Play Different Casino Games Offered By Royal Casino

Play Different Casino Games Offered By Royal Casino


Although those who have tried the game say that baccarat is not complicated at all, a lot of new players put baccarat as their second choice. Why is it so? The gamblers are hesitant because there is no guidance or guide. The online version of baccarat shows empty betting table and is controlled by the automatic machine.

In order to win more cash, the players have to choose one side out of three available options: player, banker, and tie. The gamblers here act as the audience, not the one playing on the table. Thus, their job is guessing which side will get better value. To win the game, the card should be nine in total. For safe option, it would be eight.

Dragon Tiger

If you want to play Dragon Tiger betting, play it at Royal casino.This is the betting games with minimum money on the table. Just like the other card games, the players are expected to guess the final result. They have to bet the outcomes after the dealer places the cards on the table. There are several options for the bet: dragon, tiger, black and red. Sometimes, betting on odds and even number is also allowed.

If the card doesn’t fall into dragon or tiger category, then there will be nothing happen to the betting money placed on both sides. However, when it does, then the player’s money will be reduced up to 50% of the total amount. Therefore, the main goal of this game is avoiding dragon and tiger.


The roulette game is probably the most familiar casino games. There will be a range of number, starting from zero to 36. Once the players place their bets, the table will spin the table to the anti-clockwise direction. Then, the dealer throws the ball in the opposite direction.

The players have several betting options. Straight up means the betting money goes to one number only. If the gamblers take a split bet, they guess that the ball will stop on the line between two numbers. The column bet takes everything to another level by allowing the players to bet on all the number in the whole line.


The players who can concentrate well is suggested to play the fan-tan game. The rule is quite simple. It is about guessing how many buttons left. In the online version, there is an empty center area with upside down bowl. It is the area for the dealers. The players then place their bet on number one to four. The winner is the player who can guess the correct number of the button inside the bowl.

One of the reasons why the gamblers spend hours on casino online is the available game variation. Just in case one game brings more loses, they always have the option to play the other ones. As expected, it is possible when the players register and play different casino games offered by the Royal casino.