Live Dragon Tiger Game Rules and Easy Strategy

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Playing live Dragon Tiger can be very interesting since you can interact with other players and you will be accompanied by the real dealers. Although it is interesting, not all players understand the live Dragon Tiger game rules and easy strategy to win the game. Before you play Dragon Tiger betting with real money, you surely need to keep reading!

Live Dragon Tiger Game Rules and Easy Strategy

Live Dragon Tiger Game Rules and Easy Strategy

Live Dragon Tiger Game Rules and Easy Strategy

Game Rules

This live Dragon Tiger game is actually easy to play and the rules are easy to understand even for the beginners. If you are familiar with Baccarat, you will know this live Dragon Tiger game rules since both of them are more or less the same. In this game, you will be given the option to guess the highest card dealt by the dealer.

However, you need to know that the cards here will not have the same face values as they have. Therefore, to place the bet correctly here, you need to understand the cards values beforehand. In this game, basically, you will play using six to eight decks of cards depending on the online casino site you are playing in. The highest card value in this game is the Kings and the lowest card value is the Aces.

Placing the Bet

As previously mentioned, you just need to guess which card has the highest value among the cards dealt by the dealer. To guess correctly, you will need to choose which hand holds the highest card between the Dragon hand and the Tiger hand. However, there are several kinds of bets to place in this game and you need to understand each of them, including the odds and the payout that you will get later.

The bets that you can make here are Dragon or Tiger bets, Tie bet, Big or Small bets, Suit bet, and Suited Tie bets. However, the bets mentioned before will be different according to the online casino sites and you are required to read the additional information about the bets beforehand.

Strategy to Win

By understanding the rules in playing this live Dragon Tiger will not guarantee you to win easily here. To be able to win, you surely need to learn some Dragon Tiger betting tips or strategies to be applied. There are lots of strategies that you can choose and you can learn the most suitable strategy for you since not all strategies will help you win here.

If you are confused on which strategy to use, basically, there is a popular and common strategy used by many players, namely the basic strategy. In this basic strategy, you do not need to learn complicated ways to beat the game and this strategy can be used by both new and old players. It is because you just need to stick to the Dragon or Tiger bets throughout the game and avoid the Tie bet at all cost.

After you have known the live Dragon Tiger game rules and easy strategy to win, you need to bring the knowledge into practice. Then, you also need to constantly increase your skills by always practicing to win easily here.