How to Play Online Sic Bo Game

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Sic Bo game is the Asian version of craps, a classic casino game. Sic Bo means dice pair literally but somehow this description is not right as Sic Bo is being played by using three dice. This ancient Sic Bo game is now available in the modern casino. People say that this game is merely about luck. But the question is, is this game really need just luck to win? If you want to know how to play online Sic Bo game, you better read this post.

How to Play Online Sic Bo Game

Online Sic Bo Rules

Online Sic Bo is always perfect for the bettors who want to play without being stressed out mentally. It may sound foolish to play in a game that you have no control completely, but, hey, casino games are all merely about just luck!

How to Play Online Sic Bo Game

How to Play Online Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo’s rule is actually easy to understand. You just have to bet on the outcome of the three dice roll. Before the game starts, you have to choose your chip sizes. Then, the chips should be placed on the Sic Bo table equivalent to the wager you make. You can do all these steps just by clicking your mouse several times. The instructions are given to you so you won’t find any difficulty placing your bet.

Online Sic Bo Strategies

One of the ways to improve your bankroll when playing online Sic Bo is building a wise strategy. Sic Bo is always a simple game. The main idea of the game is betting on Sic Bo table. The game dealer shakes the small chest containing three little dice in it. He then opens it to find out the number combination. When your bet shows the same combination, you win the game. If not, you lose. When playing online Sic Bo, the operator or the dealer is the software. Before playing the game, you have to be familiar with various bets to make.

There are some bets that you need to understand before playing Sic Bo online. The bets are the specific triplet, any triplet, specific double, total, small, big, two-dice combination, single-dice bets. Make sure you read the instructions for each bet and understand how each bet is being played.

There is no proper strategy when playing Sic Bo game. The three dice random rolling is what determines the winning and the losing. You can never manage these random rolls. Luckily, Sic Bo is quite similar with Baccarat where both of them are considered as the winning chance is determined by correct guessing. If you have been familiar with Baccarat, you can play Sic Bo well.

To stay longer in the game, you can always go for small and big bets. You will also be able to manage your bankroll for longer enjoyable hours and fear no more for losing all of your money. To try your luck, always bet on different number combinations. Don’t stick to the same number for a long time. If double is not shown, then bet on other numbers besides double.

Each dice rolling in Sic Bo is totally dependent. There is no certain factor or strategy which can make it predictable. When you have been able to keep this rule in mind on how to play online Sic Bo game, you can play it with such pleasurable experience.