How to Play Different Kinds of Online Slot Games

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In order to win the prize of a slot game, you must know its type first. After that, you can devise the suitable and effective strategies for the slot game. Here are some useful information and tips on how to play different kinds of online slot games.

How to Play Different Kinds of Online Slot Games

The Number of Reels: Three, Five or Seven?

First of all, you have to know that the number of reels in the slot game you are playing determine the probability of winning. Furthermore, it also determines the amount of the payout. Can you guess which number will give you a bigger chance of winning? If you answer the ones which have three reels, your guess is correct. Due to its few reels, your probability of winning is bigger. Thus, you can win more often compared to if you play the ones having five or seven reels.

How to Play Different Kinds of Online Slot Games

How to Play Different Kinds of Online Slot Games

Yet, you can gain bigger payouts from the slot games which have more reels because it is more difficult to win. It is your call whether you want to win small rewards more often or big ones occasionally. In addition, you should also mind the number of stops or symbols on each reel. The more symbols a reel has, the smaller your probability is to win the prize.

The Number of Pay Lines: A Few or Many?

After discussing the number of reels, we should also discuss the number of pay lines. The fewer the reels are, the fewer the pay lines as well. You can find many online classic slot games which have only one pay line. However, nowadays, you can find plenty of slot games which have 15, 20 or 25 pay lines. You can also easily find the ones having 243 or even 1024 pay lines!

The more pay lines the slot game has, the bigger your chance is to win it. However, you can only get the optimum chance of winning by covering all pay lines. This can be very expensive. You may avoid them altogether or you can decrease the number of active pay lines in the game configuration.

The Denomination

Slot games have various denominations that you spend in each spin. You can choose to play either the penny, nickel, quarter, dollar or high roller slot games. Choose the one that suits your bankroll. One thing that you should notice is that the denomination affects the payback percentage. The penny slots generally have 93% payback percentage, the nickel 93% – 94%, the quarter 95% – 96%, the dollar 96 – 97%, and the high roller 94% – 95%.

The Non-Progressive and Progressive Slots

The non-progressive slots are not connected to a network. Hence, your probability of winning is bigger and you can get the prize more often. Therefore, you can play them anytime. Yet, the amount of the jackpots is significantly lower than the ones of progressive slots.

On the other hand, although there are some standalone progressive slots, most of them are connected to a network. Thus, your chance of getting the jackpot is tiny. Yet, the jackpots’ amount is life-changing. To boost your chance of winning, you must note how long a progressive slot is going to be won after its last due time. Then, you can place many bets around its next due time.

That’s how to play different kinds of online slot games!  You can devise your own tactics now! Choose the slots which suit your aim and preference. Then, adjust the tactic according to the slot game’s characteristics. Tada! Enjoy the prizes!