Get your Own Treasure in Treasure Room Slot by BETSOFT

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Treasure room slot is amazing slot software programmed by BETSOFT. This slot is programmed with 30 paylines and five reels. BETSOFT launched the game in 2009 and it has become the most entertaining slot game. Have you tried playing it? If not, learn how to get your own treasure in treasure room slot by BETSOFT by understanding the slot features. Here are some things to remember when playing Treasure Room slot.

Get your Own Treasure in Treasure Room Slot by BETSOFT

Slot Theme

  • The main theme is about the journey to search some hidden treasures left by Roman Emperor. The setting is made like an ancient temple. You have to complete the quest by avoiding some traps and finding useful clues to get into its treasure room. To make the game more engaging, it is being equipped with interesting graphics, great special sound effects with the crackling of flames torch for the background, also another fabulous feature.
Get your Own Treasure in Treasure Room Slot by BETSOFT

Get your Own Treasure in Treasure Room Slot by BETSOFT

  • Before playing the slot, you have to make some bets. You need to decide which number of lines you bet and how many coins you intend to bet on each line. The maximum coins for each line are five. You can always set your bets maximum by using Max Bet feature. After setting the bets, the reels are automatically spinning.
  • Use an AUTOPLAY feature, but, you have to understand about it because it is totally different from other slot games. Click the button and another window appears. This new window presents several setting choices, like line numbers, coin values, and how many coins to bet on each line for spinning automatically as well as the automatic spin numbers without being interrupted.


  • Treasure room slot offers unusual features apart from another programmed BETSOFT slots. It is featured with five signs: wild sign, sword sign, scatter sign, shield sign, and jackpot sign.
  • Wild sign plays like the compass. It can be used to replace other signs except scatter, instant bonus, and jackpot signs.
  • Scatter sign is a gold colored round calendar sign. If you can hit this sign at least three times on any random reels, you can activate the bonus of treasure room’s feature and you will be directed to another window screen.
  • Instant bonus and sword signs can award you with, at maximum, 5000 instant credits. Hit at least three times of these signs. Then choose one from each sign to get the bonus range from 125 until 5000 points.
  • Jackpot sign is available if you bet for maximum. You need to get five signs of treasure chest first. It is also called progressive jackpots.

Play the Game

  • Choose the values of your coins
  • Select how many lines for betting
  • Choose how many coins each line for betting
  • Decide the maximum bet
  • Sin the reels by clicking the start button
  • Activate the autoplay feature

There are different kinds of online slot games. But Treasure Room has some unique features and themes among those other kinds of online slots. Fun, isn’t it? This game is also easy to play. Appealing theme and sound effects also bring the game real. If you think you are ready to give it a try, just log in and play. Win more treasures and bonuses. Get your own treasure in treasure room slot by BETSOFT today!