Facts about 3 Pictures You Didn’t Know

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Have you ever heard about 3 Pictures? No, it is not a kind of photo album that has 3 pictures in it. Actually, it is one of the casino games that you can play. If you are interested in this game, there are several facts about 3 Pictures you didn’t know.

Facts about 3 Pictures You Didn’t Know

  1. Card game

“3 Pictures” is one of the casino games and actually, this game is very popular among Malaysian casino players. It is basically a card game using a single deck that you can play with. This single deck consists of 52 cards, but the jokers should be removed.

Facts about 3 Pictures You Didn’t Know

Facts about 3 Pictures You Didn’t Know

The 3 Picture is the term to refer the cards which have the highest total card. Those cards are the combination of 3 cards, which are Jack, Queen, and King. Those cards are called the Knights and they will determine the outcome later on. There are two kinds of 3 Pictures game, namely the regular 3 Pictures and the non-commission 3 Pictures.

  1. Card values

In this game, the cards value will be different from their face value. For cards number 1 to 9, their values will be the same with the face value; for Aces, each will have 1 face value; and for cards number 10, Kings, Queens, and Jacks, the face value will be 0.

  1. Winner

The winner of this game is determined from the total value of the cards they possess. They will win if they have the 3 Knights or King, Queen, and Jack card at once, or they have 9 for the total value of 3 cards.

To determine the winner between the dealer and the player with the same total point, the cards will need to be examined. If one of them has the most Knight cards, he will be the winner. However, if they have the same number of the Knight cards, it will be the tie game.

  1. Bets

All of the players here will bet against the house and there are several bets that you can place, such as 3 Pictures bet and tie bet. If you place the 3 Picture bet, you need to acquire the three knights, namely Kings, Queens, and Jacks to win the game. While in the tie bet, you will bet that you and the dealer will have the same total cards value.

  1. Payout

The payouts here will be determined by the total point that you get. The highest payout will be 16:1 if you can acquire the 3 Pictures, and if you win the tie bet, you will be eligible to get 8:1 payout. If you get the lower total point like six or others, you will get 1:2 for the former and 1:1 for the latter.

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