Different Kinds of Slot Machine Betting

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Among various things you should know and understand about slots, knowing the different kinds of slot machine betting is very important! By having the knowledge about this stuff, you can understand the nature of the slot games you play. Hence you can create and adjust the best strategies to use in a gambling session!

Different Kinds of Slot Machine Betting

The Three-reel Classic Slots

This one is the oldest kind of slots. The classic online slot game you find on any online casino is based on its land-based prototype found in 1899. The old is gold, right? The most noticeable feature that you will find is the three reels that it has although nowadays you can find the five or even seven-reel version.

Different Kinds of Slot Machine Betting

Different Kinds of Slot Machine Betting

Each reel contains about 10 up to 32 symbols which are also known as stops. The number of stops on the reels determines your probability of winning and the payout. Usually, you will find a lever that you must click, which resemble how you play the classic slot in land-based casinos. You will win if the same symbol lines up on the pay line. Thus, if the slot has five or seven reels, the chance of winning is getting slimmer. Yet, the payout will be better!

Multi Pay Line Slot Games

The classic slot games only have one pay line. Thus, your probability of winning is quite small. Yet, unlike its predecessor, multi pay line slot games has much more pay lines. This can mean two things. First, your chance of winning increase because you do not only need to make a straight line. The number of pay line ranges from 20 up to about 250. There are various combinations that allow you to get handsome payouts.

However, it is pricey to cover all pay lines.The best way to win is, of course, covering as many pay line as possible. You can get bigger chances to win. However, if you do not want to do that, you can easily set the pay line configuration.

Video Slots and 3D Slots

The video slot was invented in 1975. It replaces the old slot games which rely on physical reels. The symbols are displayed on the monitor. You only need to click a button to spin the reels instead of pulling a lever. Furthermore, you can enjoy much better graphics. Thus, you can say that the video slot is the archetype of online 3D slots you can easily find nowadays. The video slot also makes it possible to create bonus rounds, free spins, and the progressive jackpots.

The 3D Slots is basically a better version of video slots in terms of graphics quality. You can enjoy vivid 3D effects as you play the game. Moreover, the themes of the 3D slots cover various aspects of popular culture!

The Progressive Slots

Unlike the previous kinds of slot games we have mentioned, the unique aspect of this slot is the jackpot. You do not play alone. Instead, numerous jackpot machines are integrated which create a huge network. You compete with plenty of players to get a gigantic sum of cash!

The reason is that a small amount of your every bet is combined with others’ bets to make the jackpot. Thus, the jackpot will keep on growing until someone wins that. The chance of winning is tiny, but you can get a life-changing amount of cash!

Those are the different kinds of slot machine betting. Which one do you like the most? Make sure you choose the one that suits your play style and aim! After that, devise some tactics that can support you earn steady or big profits. Well, it’s all up to you, my friend!