Common Complaints against the Online Casino Gambling

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Online casino gambling is today’s most popular type of gambling. But behind the popularity of this online gambling game are the complaints that commonly come from the online casino gamblers. If you are interested to know the most common complaints against the online casino gambling, read the post below.

Common against the Online Casino Gambling

Common Complaints against the Online Casino Gambling

Common Complaints against the Online Casino Gambling


One of the most common complaints against the online casino is the fraudulent cases. Usually, this occurs when an online casino player tries to scam an online casino. They are trying to pressure the online casino operators to give their money back or give the money that they have won even though they don’t deserve it.

Slow or No pay issues

Slow of No pay complaint is against the online casinos that are not accredited by a legitimate licensing agency. This problem occurs when an online casino has very slow payment transactions. For example, a player has won in a certain game, but because of the slow transaction, that player didn’t get the payment that he deserves.

Dirty tricks committed by a crooked online casino

We all know that not all online casino sites are legal or have good intentions to operate. There are some casino sites that are run by a criminally inclined person or a group of people that the only goal is to take an advantage of an online gambler.

Technical errors

This type of complaint rarely occurs because usually, an online casino site has a term that says “the company is not liable for any kinds of technical errors”. So this complaint can be done when there are lots of players complaining about the technical errors.

KYC (Know Your Customer) problems

This problem is a common complaint by a newbie online casino gambler. They are complaining about the registration process of the online casino because they want to remain anonymous or hide their true identity. Online casinos usually have a strict policy regarding their registration process. This is to avoid underage gambling and any kinds of fraudulent activities. And because of this strict policy, lots of new online gamblers are complaining this KYC.

Poor customer support

This occurs when the customer service failed to cater the needs of an online casino player. For example, a certain online casino player asks for some kind of assistance from the customer service, but the customer service representatives didn’t respond to assist the online casino player.

Problems with promotions and bonuses

All casino sites on the internet have different promotional offers. But sometimes, an online casino gets criticized not exactly because of its offered promotions and bonuses, but because the site failed to go through with the specifications of the bonuses. This makes an online casino gambler feel frustrated and disappointed.

Those are the most common complaints against online casino gambling that you should remember. Be sure to remember every single one of those complaints for you to be prepared once you’ve encountered any of those. Good luck!