Age of Gods Slot Game Information and Review

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Age of Gods is one of the online slot games supported by Playtech which has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. It can be played from 20p per spin on any device. As its name, this jackpot game features Greek Gods such as Hercules, Athena, Zeus, and Poseidon. This game features a Pantheon of Power on Reels where all those gods line up to give the cash prize. With all the greatest features, here are the Age of Gods slot game information and review.

Age of Gods Slot Game Information and Review

About Age of the Gods Slot Game

Since the first release, Age of the Gods slot game combines a huge money payouts along with amazing graphics and also fascinating storyline. Whenever you start your quest to place the bet at 1000 MYR, you can turn the 5 reels and also 20 pay lines in the range of 12x up to 10.000x at your stake. One of the best slot game developer, Playtech successfully combines the design of the game with simple betting structure. Just like a clear image of Hercules, Poseidon, Athena, and Zeus religious icons, the betting bar is clearly understandable. In this game, the win line is fixed so that you will only focus on adjusting the bet per line. Therefore, for a beginner, this game is easy since you just need to click, spin, and then win the game.

Age of Gods Slot Game Information and Review

Age of Gods Slot Game Information and Review

Age of the Gods Slot Features, Specials and Symbols

Different with other slot games, Age of the Gods offers more than two ways to win the game. Whenever standard payouts do not work, Age of the Gods provides four bonuses which are Athena Free Spins Games, Zeus Free Spins Games, Poseidon Free Spins Games, and Hercules Free Spins Game. In Athena Free Spins Game, when there are 3 Athena symbols occur, you will win random multipliers up to 5x and win 9 games. In Zeus Free Spins Games, if you earn the favor of Zeus this bonus round give multiplier which increases 3 rotations on reel 3. In Poseidon Free Spins Game, if Poseidon occurs you will get the reels spin for 9 free times. In Hercules Free Spins Games, when you hit 3 Hercules symbols, you have a chance through 9 free slot spins.

Age of the Gods Progressive Jackpot Network

Progressive jackpot network in this game connects with every installment of the series, for example, Age of the Gods: King of Olympus. You can enjoy any slots to win with different wealth offered from the Age of the Gods games across the web. Then, you can get into a bonus game when the Gods want to. Once you enter the mini-game, you need to uncover the mysterious symbols and the match the same symbols to win the progressive jackpot. In playing this game, you can get more than 540.000.000 MYR.

Based on the Age of Gods slot game information and review, it becomes one of the simple yet beneficial slot game. If you are interested, you can try to play this game.

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