A Christmas Carol Slot Game Winning Tips

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Slot game is not only enjoyed in a land-based casino but also in an online casino. Since Internet comes to gambling world, there are hundreds and even thousands of slot games on the internet right now. It is difficult to find the appropriate one. Read the information below about free a Christmas carol slot game winning tips and enjoy the game.

A Christmas Carol Slot Game Winning Tips

A Christmas Carol Game

A Christmas Carol Slot Game Winning Tips

A Christmas Carol Slot Game Winning Tips

A Christmas Carol slot is one of the best slot games offered by BETSOFT. You will be familiar with Christmas Carol. This game is adapted from Charles Dickens’ story. This game uses five reels and 25 payline with video slot game feature which please your eyes with sensational graphics and animation of Christmas magic holiday.

The reels on this game are transparent and they use the scrooge’s bedroom backdrop. You will see the Scrooge because he sits on the right-hand side of the reels and holds a candlestick. Since this video slot uses Christmas background, the back sound uses Christmassy. Then, you will get more chance by playing this game.

Betting Options

You should determine your betting range before you play this game. This game offers wager size from two cents or 0.02 to one dollar. It shows that novice and experienced bettors are able to play this game. Click “bet per line” to determine wager number of your coins you bet per line. Interestingly, there is an “Autoplay” button which will spin the reels automatically without any disruption and you may click “double up” button to begin the Gamble feature.


Since this game uses Christmas Carol story, you will find symbols that use in Christmas carol story. Scrooge bank, chicken dinner, ghost symbol and Christmas present symbols are symbols which offer different bonus hidden on each symbol. The chicken dinner is the wild symbol which can substitute all symbols for winning combos. However, it does not run into ghost feature symbol. The bonus offered on each symbol will be explained future.


This slot game has many interesting bonuses. Of course, this game will strengthen your bankroll and increase your chance winning the game. Ghost feature symbol is one of the interesting bonuses in this game. This symbol has 3 different feature: Past Winning Wild, Present Wilds, future winning spins and each feature symbol has a different amount of bonus. The present wild symbol will be triggered by a green ghost, past winning with yellow ghost and future winning with a blue ghost. Moreover, you will get three or more free spins when the present wild feature appears on the reels.

The Tips

You may wonder what tips to get many wins. There are two tips: get the bonuses and enjoy the game. Since this game offers much interesting bonus game, gaining as much bonus as you can is the best step to strengthen your bankroll. Then, enjoying the game will help you to gain much cash on it. One last tip, don’t forget to use free demo game. You can understand how the game operates before you play the game.

Playing free a Christmas carol slot game and feel the Christmas carol story in a slot game. Do not waste your time and chance to gain much cash.